Tink tink tink! (The sound of the mould holder’s tongs hitting the metal arms of the 384 Water Bottle Mould.) Sproing! (The sound of the Water Bottle clapper being opened.) Crunch! (The sound of the overblow being filed off.) Tap tap tap. (The sound of feet carrying it into the lehr.) On his best day, when he was huffing Ice Blue Water Bottles to the lehr on the first hot day of Spring, Cody pulled us aside – he’d well surpassed his previous step count record, and it was only 11am. Cody goes hard, and we like that about him, because he’s a hard worker and he’s always open to learning more nuances in his critical roles holding mould and carrying in. He’s got a respect for the process, and we enjoy seeing Cody in his groove.

All Blenko Glass is made by hand – and many hands touch each piece before it leaves our factory and finds its way to you. Continue to watch our page each week for other Employee Spotlights as we share with you our appreciation of the true folks at Blenko who create our beautiful glass products and make the magic happen behind the scenes from day to day.