Finishers are the design’s final hands, the last chance to realize the vision, finish the form, complete the design. Jared’s got an undeniable knack for this. He is quick to break out the chalk and pop a squat, sketching shapes and drawing diagrams. He’ll try anything once – which is a lie, because he’ll try something over and over again until he gets it right or figures it out. He’s always playing and experimenting, and always willing to play with others – we think his favorite phrase is “But did you try this?” He was a stopper machine this summer on our Square Peg Decanter, so if you got one of those beauties, you can admire his careful handiwork pumping out those icy cubes. Perhaps most critically, we’re proud of how he’s developing into a leader in Shop Two, part of the second generation of apprentices on our shop floor stepping into leadership roles as we continue to grow!

All Blenko Glass is made by hand – and many hands touch each piece before it leaves our factory and finds its way to you. Continue to watch our page each week for other Employee Spotlights as we share with you our appreciation of the true folks at Blenko who create our beautiful glass products and make the magic happen behind the scenes from day to day.