Blenko Glass Company will now be hosting auctions on our website at! Check out our Auctions Category for fantastic and unique one-off production items!

Historically Blenko has sold its whimsies via eBay. Due to many complications with that platform regarding payment and customer service, we have decided to migrate those offerings internally to have full control over the experience. Starting in June of 2022, Blenko will now be offering its one-off items via auction on our website. The inventory of auction items will be ever changing and we expect there to be few (if any) duplicates.

Here is a quick rundown of how the new auction system works -

Auctions will be listed at and will typically run for about a week.

You will be required to have an active Blenko account in order to place bids on the items.

Bids will be accepted in $5 minimum bid increments and will have a max bid increment of $50.

You MAY place an automatic bid! In this case, you will need to place an initial bid and then return to the item and select “Automatic Bid” You may then input the highest price you are willing to pay for the item. If another customer outbids your current bid, your autobid will activate and use the price you set initially.

This autobid system is not meant to be completely hands off but as a way to keep your hat in the ring so-to-speak. You may need to place more than one autobid.

Most often, the item will have a starting bid amount and a reserve price. Both of these values will change from piece to piece. Some items may not have either value set.

Once the auction expires, the customer with the winning bid will be notified and WILL RECEIVE AN EMAILED INVOICE.

This is important as the winning bidder will not automatically be charged for the item.

If you are the winner, you must check your email for the winning notification, click into the invoice, and pay the total due.

If you do not remit payment for your auction item within three (3) days, the next highest bidder will be declared the winner and will be offered the item.

Once payment has been confirmed, the item will be shipped to the address on file with your Blenko account. We may contact you via email if there are any issues with the order or shipment.

Please remember that auction items are one-off creations by our skilled glassworkers. If an item is broken, we will be unable to replace it. We will honor refunds for items broken during shipment but will NOT honor refunds for items broken outside of this scenario. In addition, we will not accept returns for auction items.