Melting glass is a very precise process. Even the difference of a few degrees or minutes can completely change the outcome of your glass. Our glass melt hits 2400 degrees and our skilled artisans work with molten glass that is anywhere from 1950 to 2100 degrees, nice and hot but not too hot!

Fun Fact: Our suncatchers and spinware bowls gets ran at +100 degrees from regular work temperatures. Running at a slightly hotter temperature allows the glass to be a bit more malleable which allows us to get more detail in our suncatcher stamps and allows us to use it in spinware molds.

Our glass is made using the same methods and tools that the master craftsmen in Europe used hundreds of years ago. All workers at Blenko are trained on the job and perpetuate a 1000 year old tradition. Founded in 1893 and having been in the industry for more than a century, we remain committed to keeping the great history, rich culture and beautiful tradition of glassmaking alive in every Blenko piece.

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