Odana has worked for Blenko Glass Company in a range of roles - from Tour Guide to VC Associate to Director of Customer Experience before finding her role as the Development Coordinator of the Blenko Glass Foundation, our non-profit foundation recently incorporated in order to preserve and further West Virginia’s glassmaking legacy, and the history of the Blenko Glass Company. Chaney’s passion for education and outreach make her a perfect fit for this role – which requires her to dig down into our archives and work on cataloguing and digitizing all of our prodigious historical materials and develop grants to fund outreach opportunities. She also oversees our Tours, helping schedule and arrange, update and improve, our public presentations; she’s been absolutely vital to continuously improving our school tours in particular, translating our handmaking process to audiences of all ages and kinds. We’re excited about the projects she has in store for the Foundation, and can’t wait to continue to share the fruits of our research.