We know it can be hard to wait for the magical Blenko box to arrive in the mail. We’ll have you know that we maintain in Shipping a first-in, first-out policy for fulfilling our online orders. That means that we send them out in the order that we receive them.

It’s more complicated than that, though, of course – orders that don’t yet have all of their components may be partially packed and wait for their final items to be made to be shipped.

On a big drop date like the first day of Water Bottle Week, it gets even more granular and complicated than that. The products were made available at 9am EST – and some dozens of you hopped on in that first minute, clicked all the way through, and hit purchase before the day had even begun. Dozens more made the purchase in the following minutes and hours of the day. We had more orders for these water bottles on the first day than you’d believe!

We will be making these Water Bottles to order literally as often as we humanly can – that is, as often as glass quantity, and glass quality, and production rates, allow. At the end of every shift we produce them, we will grade them and sort them carefully for quality, and then transmit them to our Shipping area.

From there, they are ‘picked’ – matched to the next order in the queue – and then packed – and then labeled and stickered and sealed – and then loaded. Each of these production days will knock out a couple dozen orders or so.

But after each completed production run, we’re bound by the rules of heat and chemistry, and must wait for the required glass to be measured out, batched, loaded, melted, refined, and readied for use, a process that generally takes about three days, depending on the color.

This means that the Water Bottles will be shipping as often as possible - at least once a week, sometimes twice – and that each of you will receive the Water Bottle within the allotted 4-6 shipping window – and some of you will receive it much quicker than that. We appreciate your patience, and we love your support! We’re on top of this, we promise!