Did you know you can call and order our available second-quality products that we sell through our physical gift shop at our factory Visitor Center in Milton, WV? You can! Many of the current line wares or special editions you might otherwise seek out on Ebay are actually available from us directly – without the middle person. Whether you can make the pilgrimage to our Milton, WV factory campus, or you have a phone and a burning desire for a lamp, give us a call!

We do our best to answer our phone callers in a timely manner down in the Visitor Center, but we will confess that during big events – sales weekends, product launches, Festival of Glass – the call volume can be insane. We heard you put us on autodialer for the Borealis launch, so we weren’t surprised that our small West Virginia landline couldn’t handle the volume of calls. With multiple people auto-dialing, our phone lines literally stopped working. Without a call center of people to handle the volume that spikes during VC-only releases or product launches, we regret that we don’t have the capacity to handle it.

Nevertheless, just about any other business day, during our normal business hours, we will pick up the phone in our gift shop, ask you what you’re looking for, and do our best to unite you with that product. We post photos of our tables in the Visitor Center about as often as we can manage it so that in case you catch something in the corner of the frame that you like, you can give us a call and see if we still have it, and we’ll arrange payment over the phone and ship it directly to your home! We also encourage y’all to take and share photos in the Facebook Groups and follow up with us during our Visitor Center opening hours (Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm; Sunday Noon-5pm). We’ll do our best!