We heard a rumor that all of our Helios Water Bottles were going to be minis.

They aren’t! Our heavenly neighbors come in all different sizes – and our Water Bottles come in at least two different sizes, traditionally – our 384M Mini Water Bottle and our 384 (Regular) Water Bottle. So when we set to making the planets in our water bottles, we wanted to be mindful of the relative size of our heavenly friends, and mix and match the series to feature both of our darling Water Bottles.

Mercury is one of our smallest planets, and so we made it a Mini. (Can you guess which other planets will be Minis?) We know it’s confusing since it’s the first in the series – it led you to believe that all of the Helios Water Bottles were going to be small. They are not! Most of them will be our regular sized 384s. And we know that there are some big neighbors out there, and we’re working on a little something for them, too – or should I say we’re working on a big something for those?