Wouldn’t you like to know? Well, we did just let y’all make Ganymede heart-spout Water Bottles at our Blow-Your-Own Experience here on the factory campus in Milton, WV. And yes, we know, you can’t all make it to our West Virginia factory.

We almost certainly will make 384 Water Bottles in Ganymede, we promise. We’re just working through our Valentine’s Day orders first, and making sure we can get a second load of the chemicals required to keep making it. Even so, it’s for sure in the works.

Good things come to those who wait! We thought we just about overwhelmed y’all with Water Bottle Week. Let’s all take a breath and enjoy your Mercurys and Starry Nights and Nebulae before you crash our phone lines and break our internet again. 😅(Or we break your bank.)