A Special Edition Water Bottle Series for 2024

Welcome to 2024, Blenko’s “Year of New Space Age Design”! We’re taking inspiration all year from the heavens and all of their scientific, cultural, and aesthetic impact. In keeping with this theme, we are presenting a series of extraordinary 384 Water Bottles in a series of colors and finishes that recall the members of our solar system.

Presenting – the Helios Water Bottle Series. Each month, or thereabouts, we will release a new 384 Water Bottle or 384M Mini Water Bottle that maps to a planet or feature of our solar system, starting closest to the sun with a 384M Mercury water bottle. Each will be a unique spin on our most classic ware, in surprising new applications and combinations of color, and each will be stamped with “Helios” to identify it as a member of the set – so that if you miss your chance to buy them now, you’ve got a fighting chance in the future! Or - proof that your water bottle fits into a compulsively collectible set.

We will only offer our current Helios water bottle until the next one is released – and we aim to give you a good week’s notice if you’ve been dragging your feet. Once the new bottle is released, the previous one may linger in the Visitor Center, but will no longer be available online as we clear space in our Warehouse to hold the next one coming out!