Each year, Blenko hosts a water bottle photo art contest. Along with our popular photo art contest; new in 2022 will also be a distinct competition for art such as; paintings, fabric art, mosaics and any other medium form of visual art will be considered. The single winner in each contest will receive a Blenko Glass gift certificate. Their winning entry will be produced as a full color postcard crediting the artist and rewarding them with 50 of the cards. Each winner will also receive $50 as a cash award.

The rules for both contests are simple- whether you decide to submit photos of our iconic 384 water bottle or you decide to create a painting, mosaic, exc.. and photograph that; the submission must be an original work and the subject matter must include Blenko's iconic 384 Water Bottle as a part of the work in some recognizable way. All entries should be photos sent digitally to art@blenko.com with the subject line '2022 Water Bottle Art Contest Entry'. Submissions must be received by January 14, 2022 to be considered. Note please only three (3) entries per person max. Previous winners are welcome to submit entries but are not eligible for winning.

All photo submissions will be visible online on our PollUnit page starting Monday, January 17. Once submissions are visible, online voters will be allotted 6 ‘dots’ to vote with.

Get inspired by these images of past Water Bottle Art Contest winners!

2021 Art Contest Winner - Caleb Duncan


2020 Art Contest Winner - Lisa Bennet


2019 Art Contest Winner - Amy Miller


2018 Art Contest Winner - Lisa Bennett
2017 Art Contest Winner - Jonna Hughes