Collectors and new customers alike often know they have a piece of Blenko in their hands when that piece of Blenko comes with one of our Handmade stickers. The stickers have changed in their appearance over the years, and collectors know that an era can come to be defined by its stickers (silver paper foil, clear plastic, silver foil).

Over the decades, all American glass went through phases of marking, and not marking, their wares, which can lead to questions regarding vintage colored glass – Is this Blenko? Stickers are notoriously tricky things – use, or personal preference, may have led people to remove stickers from their vintage glass.

That’s why since the early twenty-first century, Blenko has sandblasted the bottoms of all of our wares with the name Blenko and the date of its origination from our factory. If you’ve taken a tour of our facilities, you’ll have seen that every piece that comes off of our lehr is immediately inspected for quality or damage, and in so doing, is sandblasted with the name and date of its making.

We encourage you to use our glass! It may be a delight to behold, but it is also designed to function. You may prefer to keep the sticker on the glass, but if it falls away – don’t fret! Your new piece of Blenko has the born-on date which will make it impossible to misidentify decades from now when your children’s children inherit it.

So pour yourself a drink in that tumbler - or pop some flowers in that vase! We've got your back - or your bottom covered.