Multiple times a day, messages go out onto our digital platforms – “Hands!” “I need hands at the lehr to move glass!” “I could use some hands to move the palettes.” And any one of our able maintenance crew arrive on the scene and make things happen. If Jason Chastain isn’t the first there, he’s the second, and he’s good for anything the chaos of a glass factory can throw at him. He’ll jackhammer leaked glass from a broken pot, change the A/C unit in the break room, fulfill orders in Shipping, aid Daniel in the wood shop, grind glass – a reminder that the maintenance men of a factory are the jacks-of-all-trades that keep it all going.

All Blenko Glass is made by hand – and many hands touch each piece before it leaves our factory and finds its way to you. Continue to watch our page each week for other Employee Spotlights as we share with you our appreciation of the true folks at Blenko who create our beautiful glass products and make the magic happen behind the scenes from day to day.