Dave came to Blenko as a consultant in 2017, and with Bryson Cutler, brought Blenko into the digital era – the pair were responsible for entirely changing the mode and method of our sales, from primarily a moribund wholesale business to a flourishing e-commerce business that ships our glass around the world directly to our customers. Since the end of 2022, Dave has assumed the helm as Vice President of Manufacturing. Dave is an enthusiastic cheerleader for our work and workers, and we couldn’t ask for a better mouthpiece for our handmade glass and legacy product. He is a conscientious leader who works tirelessly to improve our production model, attract new customers, and grow our business. In the latter half of 2023, Dave has built a new app for us from scratch that allows us to track glass levels, glass movement, and ware production and circulation throughout our factory. We’re as proud of our leadership as they are of us, and we relish the atmosphere he cultivates of respect, responsibility, resilience, and flexibility.