As Vice President of Blenko Glass Company, I am deeply committed to honoring our rich 130-year legacy while also propelling us into the future. Our mission is not just about preserving the past; it's about making history today, shaping tomorrow with our vision and innovation. This journey, while filled with excitement, comes with its set of challenges. As we venture forward, we aim to do so thoughtfully, though we acknowledge that in our haste and ambition, we might not always meet your expectations perfectly. Our priority remains unwavering: to serve our customers with integrity and excellence, fully acknowledging our human and handmade process's inherent imperfections.

Recently, we introduced our Ganymede glass, inspired by our historic Rose color recipe from the 1960s. This endeavor was an ambitious leap into melding tradition with innovation, utilizing new chemical formulations and adapting our aging furnaces to handle the intensity. In our enthusiasm to bring Ganymede to life and our excitement in finally getting the color right, we sprang into production, only to realize Ganymede behaves differently than our other formulations.

The distinctive use of neodymium in Ganymede's formulation and the unique temperature requirements have led to the appearance of more 'cords' and occasional inclusions within the glass. While these characteristics do not compromise the glass's quality or strength - and may even hold aesthetic appeal to some (Like me! Each piece of Ganymede is completely unique and truly stunning) - they represent a departure from what some of our customers might have expected from our traditional colors and glass.

In our eagerness to share Ganymede with you, I now understand that we may not have communicated these unique attributes as clearly as we intended. Our goal was to celebrate the uniqueness of Ganymede, yet it's evident that our messaging did not fully bridge the gap between expectation and reality. For this oversight, I sincerely apologize.

Please be assured that our commitment to you remains steadfast. Our "Love It Guarantee" is more relevant than ever during times like these. If you find that your Ganymede piece does not meet your expectations, we are more than willing to arrange for a hassle-free replacement. We ask for your patience, however, as crafting the perfect piece may take 3-6 weeks, but we promise it will be worth the wait.

What is our “Love It Guarantee”? Should you find yourself not completely enamored with your purchase for any reason, we invite you to contact us so we may assist you with a return or exchange, completely free of charge and without any hassle.

As we navigate this journey of innovation and tradition, your feedback and patience are invaluable. I take full responsibility for our oversight in communication and am committed to improving our processes to ensure that your experience with Blenko Glass continues to be one of satisfaction and delight.

It is a reality that, like our human and handmade process, we're imperfect and may fail to meet your expectations again in the future. But it is through these imperfections and challenges that we learn, grow, and strive to do better.

With your help, we are not just preserving history - we are making it. And it's our promise to you that we will always move forward with the best intentions, learning from our experiences to serve you better. Thank you for your understanding, your patience, and your ongoing support.


Dave Wertz
VP of Manufacturing