You’ve met Braxxie, the Flatwoods Monster Decanter. You may have tried to slide your sole into our Bigfoot Plaque. Now meet another of West Virginia’s favorite cryptids – Mothman! While Braxxie echoed the forms of Blenko's classic tear-drop stoppered decanters, Mothman was hand-carved from graphite by our frequent collaborator Liz Pavlovic using a damaged Owl Bookend ring mould. Part of her earliest proposals when she joined Blenko, Mothman waited patiently until the iconic ring mould resurfaced from our shop archives. With tools on loan from master-carver Daniel Chapman and a hefty slab of graphite, Liz zipped back to her studio and hewed us this – the newest addition to our collection of beloved cryptids! In Crystal and Crocus, we know you’ll enjoy these spooky friends alone or in pairs! Let him perch on your mantle or bookshelf, or any place you need watchful eyes.