Blenko Glass Company is thrilled to announce our newest “Fusion” creation. We partner with artists doing neat and interesting things across the country to present new and unique artistic pieces that incorporate Blenko glass.

We proudly announce our newest and very limited collaboration - Blenko Fusion Metzler

Each one of these hand blown crystal Blenko vessels contains over 1200 individually hand-crafted origami cubes.

Each of the cubes consists of six slowly hand folded pieces of paper which make up the colorful cube shape and takes at least 10 minutes to craft.

With five vessels showcasing the 160+ hours of intricate and loving labor that was put into the “folding” the line is aptly named the “Folding Time” collection.

The closure for each Folding Time consists of three additional pieces of colorless Blenko. Each contains three slightly larger origami cubes sealed in the enclosure. The color of the cubes within the cube lid give each creation a unique name.

During the pandemic many of us struggled with and found ways to address the disruption in our normal flow of time. Creator Susie Metzler devoted her days to the art of origami.

Susie Metzler is a California native who loves her work in a bookstore. During the pandemic, with the shop closed for 91 consecutive days, she chose to find time to explore origami art. For each of the 91 days she worked to craft one origami animal per day of the pandemic closure.

Each of the animals (and later the complex dioramas she developed around the animal) was photographed and shared daily on social media. The body of work, images, comments, and more have been published in a book.

Susie first came to visit West Virginia to learn about glass made in the state. Specifically the rich history of toy marbles. Years later her visits to the state led to her co-authoring two books on American machine made marbles. Her love of West Virginia is echoed in the labor intense creativity of Folding Time.

For those fortunate enough to capture one of only five variations of “Folding Time”, Susie will offer a small meet and greet at Blenko on Saturday October 23rd at 2:00 PM. Included in this unique time with the artist will be individual instruction in folding a cube yourself under her guidance.

Advance purchase encouraged. To do so, order online at
Those vessels not sold online will be available for purchase in the Visitors Center on Saturday October 23rd, 2021.

Item is a towering 18" tall and 6" wide at the base