Designed and hand signed by Liz Pavlovic, this year’s piece is a sight to behold! Standing at approximately 18.5” tall with a large leaf-shaped stopper, opaque Crystal body, bulb-shaped base and elegant glass foot; this piece pays tribute to the wild ramp plants commonly found in the mountains of our great state. The annual piece is also hand signed by Blenko Glass Company President, John W. Blenko.

Pavlovic says “To me, ramps are a symbol of springtime and renewal in West Virginia. The slender, graceful vegetable is unassuming in appearance but has such a potent flavor and scent! One of West Virginia's unique ingredients (and something highly desired elsewhere), they’re celebrated each year with festivals, dinners, and foraging with friends. It’s a special feeling to find your own ramps and enjoy cooking with them before the season is over. I was also inspired somewhat by the preserving of seasonal foods, such as pickled ramps, ramp jelly, dressing, etc, and thought a glass piece would be another neat way to “enjoy” ramps year round”

WV pieces sold out on June 19, 2021


As a companion to this year’s West Virginia piece, we have designed a “Ramp Salad Bowl”! A functional piece of glass art, this 5.5” tall bowl is crafted in our Azure Blue color and finished with a Citrine Lip to add a little style and color. It’s the perfect vessel for your next salad! To give customers a taste of West Virginia, the first 150 Ramp Salad Bowls purchased will be paired with a bottle of “Uncle Roy’s Old Fashioned” Ramp Dressing.