Blenko Glass Factory Tours

Glass Tour Schedule

Monday:     9am - 2:15pm

Tuesday:     9am - 2:15pm

Wednesday: 9am - 2:15pm

Thursday:   9am - 2:15pm

Friday:         9am - 2:15pm

Perfect for people of all ages!

School Field Trips

Family Outings

Glass Enthusiasts

Tourists Groups

Musuem Lovers

Groups must call at least 7 days prior to your arrival to schedule guided tours. (Guided tours can only be scheduled for groups consisting of 10 people or more)

To schedule a guided tour, call 304-743-9081 and request to speak to the Visitors Center.

For safety reasons, participants of scheduled guided tours can not wear open toed shoes on shop floor.

No hot glass produced on weekends and all tours end by 2:15pm due to the excessive heat in the factory.

A free self guided and self paced tour of glassblowing demonstrations can be viewed from our observation deck Monday-Friday 9am-2:15pm. (Lunch 12noon-12:30pm)

No reservations required for self guided tours.

NOTE: Tour area is NOT handicap accessible.

We are a real working factory with real manufacturing operations. We allow the public to view our operations because we want to share what we do. ​We ask that you keep this in mind while you partake in our time honored tradition.