Special Edition 6228 Tall Textured Vase

$98.00 - $120.00
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58 years ago we made this shape, item 6228, for one year only! The textured pattern, looking like layers or stratified rock, was used on several shapes at that time.

We went looking for a fun shape to produce in limited numbers and this tall, 2 storied vase form of half a century ago seemed to beg to be made again. We will make no more than 50 pieces in each of our different colors in 2020.

These will be hand sheared at the top and slightly flared but without grinding for a stopper. The 2020 version is a vase not a bottle or decanter. Each will be clearly dated 2020 with the current Blenko logo. They are between 17 and 18 inches in towering height. This vase is now available in the colors of Paw Paw and Turquoise, Starburst and Tequila Sunrise, (Only while supplies last). 

If you missed this form in 1962, here is a narrow and rare opportunity to add one to your collection now. Remember the quantity is limited to no more than 50 pieces per color. 

*The Tequila Sunrise is two layers, so it requires more time and labor and our Starburst color is a heat sensitive glass so it too requires extra time to color the glass thus the price increase for these two colors.