Limited Production 'Sage' Small Daisy Bowl

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From time to time Blenko must change the colors of glass we are melting in a specific furnace to a color that is not compatible with the color previously made in that furnace. When this occurs we have to do a 'wash melt' to clean the residue color out. We usually melt crystal as that intermediate color and it dilutes the previous color and it's impact on the next color melt. Sometimes this process creates stunning colors like this rustic 'Sage' that we just can't resist passing along to our customer! Due to how these items are created, we label them 'Limited Production' colors because although a similar color may be created in the future it will never be exactly the same because of the 'wash melt'.

To read more about Blenko Limited Production Colors and Their Creations CLICK HERE

This beautiful Daisy Bowl, meant to resemble a daisy flower, looks great as a stand-alone item or as a set. 3'' tall and 7'' in diameter.