DIY Sheet Glass Kit - Crystal

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Historically Blenko sheet glass has always been directed towards the artisan or architect making grand designs or designing stained glass windows for churches or other large institutions. All sheet glass was shipped freight on a pallet.
This year during the Festival of Glass, we are launching a new initiative designed to help the small artists and those learning the craft of stained glass an avenue to purchase our sheet glass in much more manageable (and shippable!) sizes.

We are offering a variety of our line colors in smaller sizes to help jumpstart your stained glass ventures. This kit contains Crystal sheet glass that has been blown into a wooded or iron mould. Using a wooden mould results in a sheet with a smooth surface due to the moisture from the wood creating a even steam barrier on the glass as it forms.  Alternatively, using an iron mould creates a rippled surface like you see with our colored sheet glass.

Each kit contains five (5) 9”x 7” pieces of sheet glass