grand new violet water bottle
grand new violet water bottle

Grand New Violet Water Bottle


Production will be limited to only 125 first quality pieces in this limited New Violet and each will be serially numbered including the sandblasted signature of Walter Blenko.

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Blenko Glass in Milton, WV is deep into planning an anniversary celebration of 125 years of business. It has been a century and a quarter since since John Blenko opened his first glass factory in the US in 1893.

One of the elements of the 6 month celebration is a new take on Blenko’s most iconic and recognized form, the 384 double spouted water bottle. This very limited production piece replicates the proportions and scale of the decades old design but in a grand and expanded form. Called the #384-125 this current reincarnation features  the original item number plus the designation marking the reason for celebration. The anniversary piece is a dramatic two inches taller than the original. While it seems an insignificant difference in size the new version towers over the original.

This commemorative piece will be mouth blown into a hand carved cherry wood mould and thus include the Blenko hallmark rough pontil on it’s base. Wooden moulds burn out after limited use and this piece will not be produced beyond December 2018.

Production will further be limited to only 125 first quality pieces in this limited New Violet and will be serially numbered.  The piece will not be offered wholesale but only available directly from Blenko.

A campaign celebrating 125 years has launched this July and includes plans to upgrade the on site museum, enhance the hot glass making tour experience and more. Various festivities and production will continue throughout the remainder of 2018. Stay tuned for more details as a great Made in American company anticipates and plans for their future and embraces their rich heritage.

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