4018 Rondel Bowl Set – Paw Paw


This special includes a complimentary Paw Paw Butter with the purchase of this set.
Paw Paw is a new color this year, and we wanted to give you a taste of this Appalachian tropical fruit.
Paw Paw Butter made by ‘In A Jam!’ is a perfect way to enjoy pawpaws year round.
With the purchase of our small Paw Paw Rondel serving bowl, enjoy a complimentary 4 oz. jam jar of Paw Paw Butter.
Who made this tasty jam?
In A Jam! is owned by Andrea Duke, a small batch jam and jelly crafter located nearby in Parkersburg, WV. www.inajamwv.com. She uses locally grown and harvested fruits for her creations, including of course, the Paw Paw! As Paw Paw is Blenko’s new color this year, we couldn’t contain our enthusiasm and had to collaborate.

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Making ‘rondels’ is a centuries old traditional style of forming window glass. The Rondel Bowl Set is made in the same manner completely off-hand, each one sure to be distinctly one of a kind. The bowls add a splash of color to your table and save space nestled together in your cupboard. Approximately 4.5”, 6”, and 8” diameters.

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