Sheet Glass Colors

For stained glass, leaded glass,
and other architectural elements.

Our colors are historical and brilliant, and are constantly revolving. As we’re always making more sheets, please contact us to confirm the available quantity.

Colors differ depending on the light. Blenko’s Sheet Glass Sample Pack are available for purchase and allows you to see the colors first hand, please inquire.

Cool colors
$50 per sheet

Warm colors
$55 per sheet

Maximum size 18x25″ (untrimmed)

Packing Cost
$40 per carton
(Approximately 30-35 sheets per carton)

*Orders consisting of 2 or more sheets of glass will have to be shipped through freight.

Sheet Glass Sample Sets
$30 a set

Scrap Sheet Glass
$2.50 a pound
Available onsite only

Blenko Sheet Glass Colors 2017

688 Water Blue

1253 Ocean Blue

1194 Light Blue

569 Light Blue

733 Sky Blue

1042 Dark Chocolate

739 Rich Amethyst

112 Rich Violet

1285 Black

916 Mahogany

681 Chocolate

1221 Pale Amber

783 Topaz

6001 Kiwi Cased

1165 Kiwi Tableware

140 Light Green Tableware

1205 Light Yellow Cased

1205 Yellow Tableware

6004 Orange

332 Tangerine Tableware

683 Light Plum

597 Light Light Grape

482 light Seabreeze Tableware

487 Blue Tableware

1057 Midnight Blue Tableware

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