Learn More About Our Collaborations With Visiting Glass Artists

Apr 3rd 2019

Learn More About Our Collaborations With Visiting Glass Artists

Blenko Glass Company is entering it's 126th year by launching an ongoing series of visiting glass artists. The series will pay homage to some of the outstanding handmade glass artists and artisans in America. While the public may enjoy viewing the skill and art of our visiting glass masters, Blenko will enjoy new ideas and the enthusiasm born of cooperation. It is hoped that two to four various artists will have short residencies at the Blenko factory each year.

The first artist to visit Blenko was chosen specifically for his historical ties to the company. Dave Fetty, a resident of Williamstown, WV is a retired glass master whose creativity and skill set were widely celebrated at the now closed Fenton Art Glass Company. Dave began his career in glass making at Blenko several decades ago before moving on to hone his craft elsewhere. By the 1970's he was part of a team producing high end, limited edition art glass for Fenton. Dave will return with his glass tools in hand to Milton, Thursday and Friday April 4 and 5, 2019. During his April residency, Dave will demonstrate for the public and also challenge our staff to employee glass optics and techniques not usually practiced at Blenko.

Included in the results of each artist's residency will be some limited and special edition items that embrace traditional Blenko while incorporating the special character of the work by each visitor. In a world where Fusion Food is a wildly popular trend, Blenko aspires to create a new thread of West Virginia Glass Fusion. The art will be marked as ‘Blenko Fusion Fetty’ and so on in tribute to each new collaborating artist that comes to the Blenko hot glass furnaces.

Fetty's session will include public exhibitions 9:30am-11:30am both mornings and possible afternoon programs. Follow Blenko on Facebook to learn more as these ideas evolve. Please join us in welcoming a native son back to his roots. Other artisans in this series will be announced in the coming months.

For more info contact Blenko at 304-743-9081 or via email at