Event Updates & 2020 Warehouse Sale Information

Jul 9th 2020

Event Updates & 2020 Warehouse Sale Information

Hello Blenko Glass friends,

Here in Milton, West Virginia we are again producing hot glass and have done so for three weeks now. Current and ever changing circumstances make each day a new challenge - as you know from your own COVID-related experiences.

It is our desire to share and update some information about our events and what we are currently planning.

Blenko is working hard with a lean staff of about 75% of the people on our team prior to COVID. We have face mask and social distancing rules in place for our onsite gift shop (“the Visitors Center/VC”). We ask that our customers respect our new guidelines that have been mandated by WV Governor Jim Justice.

In regards to upcoming events, the annual March Warehouse Sale has been reconfigured by the pandemic.

At present, we are looking to allow sign-ups online for specific time periods to come on site and shop in the warehouse for the week of July 13-19. The plan allows for 30 minute shopping windows with face masks and gloves required. We are limiting guests to no more than four persons max at a time in the shopping area. We are also asking shoppers to pack their own glass (packing materials provided by Blenko). CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOUR TIME SLOT

We know this is far from ideal, but at present, barring other unforeseen events, that is the shape of our plan. These shopping slots will be available, without charge.

Slots will quickly fill so please be reserve yours while they last!

Next, the annual Festival of Glass scheduled for August 7-8, 2020 will be entirely different from prior years. Due to the restrictions placed upon us, there will be NO onsite hot glass or other glass classes this year. We will create a number (we hope) of informational webinars to share with you that will shed some light on the exciting things happening here at Blenko.

Our desire is to celebrate glass with you without putting you or our staff at risk.

During the Festival:

- We WILL have an annual medallion that will be free with orders placed over $100.

- We will offer a new Blenko poster for sale by our art partner Ian Bode in a modernist pop-style that is fun, bright, and we think, keenly paired to our work. (Posters are 11 x 17 and will be numbered limited editions.)

- We will have other events and activities hosted online for you to share and we will have sales and special production pieces available.

We have a host of other fun initiatives planned for the Festival of Glass including new pieces, new twists on old products, and something special for all our fans with green thumbs!

We will release more information about these other special initiatives as the Festival gets closer.

The West Virginia Birthday piece for 2020.

June 20, our state's birthday and the usual release date for our annual creations, is behind us now. We have an ongoing competition within our staff to submit designs for the Birthday Piece and a team of three non-employee judges will select one design to be produced as the Birthday Piece.

Production will begin in late July and it is our hope to offer these for sale in late August.

This event will be a virtual with purchases being conducted online only.

In this pandemic world, we cannot encourage crowds and long lines in good faith to our employees and customers. We will release more details in the weeks ahead on how and when this virtual WV Day Piece sale will occur.

We continue to balance our employees safety, your safety, and our efforts to survive by moving most if not all remaining 2020 events to virtual on-line events.

From holiday celebrations to 'Cat'urdays we anticipate NO onsite events.

Thanks for your continued interest and support!

It is a privilege to twist hot molten sand into amazing color and forms for you.

May we be so privileged for many years to come!


Dean Six, VP Blenko Glass Co.