Blenko Creates 'Vaseline Glass' Pumpkins

Oct 13th 2019

Blenko Creates 'Vaseline Glass' Pumpkins

Just in time for Halloween, we have created a rare and beautiful offering for you to enjoy! An original run of 'Vaseline Glass' was made for the Vaseline Glass Club and now for the very first time, we have created an offering of 200 ‘Vaseline Glass' pumpkins for the public! These pumpkins are created through an extensive process which makes them ultraviolet light reactive. When displayed in the light, these pumpkins have a glossy ‘Vaseline’ appearance but when displayed under an ultraviolet light, they give off an illuminating glow. You don’t want to miss a chance to own one of these Limited Edition pieces for 2019!


How 'Vaseline Glass' Is Created

Step 1 - Bars of concentrated 'vaseline glass' made on the US west coast are purchased and cut into sections about one inch in length and the 1 inch pieces are heated in a kiln to the point that the glass is soft and nears liquid.

Step 2 - A gather of hot, molten Blenko crystal is carried to the kiln on the end of a blow pipe and the piece of ‘vaseline’ is picked up on the end of the crystal molten glass by directly pushing the crystal down onto the vaseline while it is still in the kiln and still hot.

Step 3 - The piece of ‘vaseline’ is encased in a gather of our crystal glass

Step 4 - The gather or bubble of hot glass is now inflated (blown) and expanded

Step 5 - The gather is now blown by hand into shape/mold and finished as desired.

Step 6 – It requires about 5 hours for the piece to ride through the lehr where the temperature is controlled and cooled to a near room temperature level. This stabilizes the contraction and varying stresses in the glass and produces a complete product now subject to any additional finishing by grinding, polishing, etc.