From DIY to castles in the sky, Blenko Architectural Glass can help build your dreams!

Mouth-Blown Sheet Glass

Flat glass used in windows and mosaics

Since 1893 Blenko has produced sheet glass in the ancient and traditional way. Skilled craftsmen mouth blow cylinders of glass, which have the ends removed, are scored, and then heated again. The final heating opens the cylinders into rectangular flat sheets of approximately 18 x 25 inches. To see this age-old and impressive process, visit us in Milton or see our Sheet Glass video.

Because of the non-mechanized and mouth-blown process, the sheets will exhibit artisanal features such as surface undulations, small marks and bubbles. These attributes are considered desirable aspects to the handmade nature and tradition. As an intended part of the handmade process these features do not detract from the glass’ safety or quality and are not considered defects but indications of individual craftsmanship and beauty.

Color Sheet Glass

For stained glass, leaded glass, and other architectural elements.

Our colors are historical and brilliant, and are constantly revolving. As we’re always making more sheets, please contact us to confirm the available quantity.

Colors differ depending on the light. Blenko’s Sheet Glass Sample Pack are available for purchase and allows you to see the colors first hand, please inquire.

Cool colors
$50 per sheet

Warm colors
$55 per sheet

Maximum size 18x25″ (untrimmed)

Packing Cost
$40 per carton
(Approximately 30-35 sheets per carton)

Sheet Glass Sample Sets
$30 a set

Scrap Sheet Glass
$2.50 a pound
Available onsite only

Blenko Sheet Glass Colors 2017

688 Water Blue

1253 Ocean Blue

1194 Light Blue

569 Light Blue

733 Sky Blue

1042 Dark Chocolate

739 Rich Amethyst

112 Rich Violet

1285 Black

916 Mahogany

681 Chocolate

1221 Pale Amber

783 Topaz

6001 Kiwi Cased

1165 Kiwi Tableware

140 Light Green Tableware

1205 Light Yellow Cased

1205 Yellow Tableware

6004 Orange

332 Tangerine Tableware

683 Light Plum

597 Light Light Grape

482 light Seabreeze Tableware

487 Blue Tableware

1057 Midnight Blue Tableware

Clear Sheet Glass

Clear sheets of glass are often used for window restoration and furniture replacement projects, as well as new projects referencing the historical process. These mouth blown glass sheets are handmade in the same historic process as century old originals. Any slight and subtle distortions found in the sheets mimic original glass windows as found before mechanization entered the glass industry.

Maximum size 18″x25″ (untrimmed)

To obtain a custom cut – Contact Us or Request A Quote

There are two types of surface qualities to choose in clear sheet glass:

#623A – Clear sheet blown into a Wood mold
Using a wooden mold, results in a sheet with a smooth surface.

#578 – Clear sheet blown into an Iron Mold
Using an iron mold creates sheets of glass with a natural soft pebbled surface, providing a watery distortion.


Rounds of glass used as accents in architecture

Each Rondel is individually handcrafted and skillfully constructed. Our hand blown rondels are available in different sizes and various color options, allowing for many project possibilities in restoration, art projects and eye-catching window designs. Sizes range from 2 inches to 14 inches in diameter.

Pricing and Color Availability

Click/tap image above to zoom in on pricing and color availability.

Light Yellow

Paw Paw











Spring Green



Fire Yellow

Dalle De Verre

Thick and chunky slab glass

A technique developed in the early 1900’s, dalle de verre uses slabs of colored glass, broken into pieces using a hammer, then assembled – puzzle like- into patterns that are set in resin or concrete. The use of thicker pieces of glass as seen in dalle de verre, reflects and refracts the light with great depth and complexity.

Standard Dimensions:
7 7/8″ x 11 3/4″ x 1″ thick

Hot Colors:
$25 a slab

Cool Colors:
$20 a slab

Anvils (for breaking Dalles)

Dalle Hammers
$40 each

Dalle Sample Sets
$30 each set

Packing Costs:

10 Dalles per Carton
$5 per Carton or 5%, whichever is greater

Anvil Carton
$5 per Anvil

Glass Bricks

Solid bricks of glass


7 3/4″ x 3 5/8″ x 1 1/2″

$18.00 per Brick


10″ x 3 1/2″ x 2

$22.00 per Brick

Paw Paw


Emerald Smoke


Custom Pavers

Rounds used in sidewalk restorations

Paver Sizes include 1 5/8″ diameter up to 6″ diameter and larger

Standard Pavers
Size / Price
1 5/8″ / $2.75 each
2″ / $3.00 each
2 1/4″ / $3.50 each

Bullseye Panels

Square panes of glass with a circular pattern

Size / Price
4″x 4″ / $45.00
4″x 6″ / $45.00
5″x 5″ / $45.00
5″x 6″ / $45.00
5″x 7″ / $45.00
6″x 6″ / $45.00

Size / Price
6″x 7″ / $55.00
6″x 8″ / $55.00
7″x 7″ / $55.00
8″x 8″ / $55.00
8″x 9″ / $55.00
9″x 9″ / $65.00

Packing Cost:

$5.00 per carton or 5% or whichever is greater for ground shipment

$10.00 per carton for Bullseye Panes

Custom Casting

Glass made to your desired size

Custom casting allows us to create mold dimensions based on our customer’s specifications within our ability.

Due to the learning curve on any new project there may be additional charges for the custom casting. Call for price quotes.

Most molds are fabricated here at the factory for an additional fee. We have a selection of molds to choose from in stock.

Casting Abilities
Squares from 2″x2″ up to 14’x14″at 1″ thick
Circles 1 3/8″ diameter up to 16″diameter and 1″ thick

Who else is using Blenko Architectural Glass?

Air Force Academy Chapel
-Colorado Springs, CO

Morman Temple
-Washington, DC

Pro Football Hall of Fame
-Canton, OH

Washington National Cathedral
-Washington DC

New York Hall of Science, World’s Fair 1964
-New York

St Mary’s Cathedral
-San Francisco, CA

Westminster Abbey Benedictine Monastery
-BC Canada

Heinz Chapel, University of Pittsburgh
-Pittsburgh PA

Colonial Williamsburg
-Williamsburg VA

City National Bank Lobby
-Milton WV