Dalle De Verre

Thick and chunky slab glass

A technique developed in the early 1900’s, dalle de verre uses slabs of colored glass, broken into pieces using a hammer, then assembled – puzzle like- into patterns that are set in resin or concrete. The use of thicker pieces of glass as seen in dalle de verre, reflects and refracts the light with great depth and complexity.

Standard Dimensions:
7 7/8″ x 11 3/4″ x 1″ thick

Hot Colors:
$25 a slab

Cool Colors:
$20 a slab

Anvils (for breaking Dalles)

Dalle Hammers
$60 each

Dalle Sample Sets
$30 each set

Packing Costs:

10 Dalles per Carton
$5 per Carton or 5%, whichever is greater

Anvil Carton
$5 per Anvil