3" 'Pi' Suncatcher

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The ancient Babylonians approximated that the area of a circle is 3 times the square of it's radius, about 4,000 years ago. But the value of 3 was approximate, and the exact value of (what we now call π ) has remained a mathematical enigma throughout the millennia and around the world.

Fun Facts:
-The Greek letter π was introduced in the 1700's.
-Pi Cannot be written as a fraction.
-In 1949, 1,120 digits were figured out from a desk calculator.
-The Guinness Book Of World Record holder, Rajveer Meena, recited from memory over 70,000 digits of Pi.
-In 2019, Google Compute holds the record for the most computed digits of Pi, 31.4 trillion digits.

This year we celebrate Pi Day with π stamped onto, you guessed it, a circle!


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    Pi Suncatcher in turquoise blue

    Posted by Vibha Miller on Jul 17th 2020

    I bought this gorgeous Pi Suncatcher as a gift to our son on his completion of his Masters Degree in Mathematics. He greatly appreciated the Blenko artistry and the unique and beautiful gift.

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    3" 'Pi' Suncatcher Turquoise

    Posted by Carol Pinson on Apr 16th 2020

    My son is a mathematician. Pi has always held a special fascination for him... for example, its relationship to e. Euler's formula says that e^(Pi*i) + 1 = 0. This formula combines the must important transcendental number in calculus, e, the most important transcendental number in trigonometry, Pi, the most important imaginary number i, the identity under multiplication, 1, and the identity under addition, 0. The suncatcher 'Pi' does not disappoint. With the 'Pi' symbol in bold relief on a background of its digits it is truly an eyecatcher.