3" 'Pi' Suncatcher

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The ancient Babylonians approximated that the area of a circle is 3 times the square of it's radius, about 4,000 years ago. But the value of 3 was approximate, and the exact value of (what we now call π ) has remained a mathematical enigma throughout the millennia and around the world.

Fun Facts:
-The Greek letter π was introduced in the 1700's.
-Pi Cannot be written as a fraction.
-In 1949, 1,120 digits were figured out from a desk calculator.
-The Guinness Book Of World Record holder, Rajveer Meena, recited from memory over 70,000 digits of Pi.
-In 2019, Google Compute holds the record for the most computed digits of Pi, 31.4 trillion digits.

This year we celebrate Pi Day with π stamped onto, you guessed it, a circle!